Osceola Turkey Hunting

Osceola Turkey Hunting

Whether you are an experienced turkey hunter seeking a Florida Osceola turkey to complete a grand slam, or this is your first time, Osceola turkey hunting is our specialty. Our guides have years of experience and will help you bag that trophy gobbler. If you are looking for a hunting experience with down home comfort and southern hospitality, then look no further.

About the Florida Osceola Turkey

The Osceola turkey, officially know as meleagris gallopavo osceola, or commonly known as the Florida wild turkey, is named after the famous Seminole Indian Cheif Osceola. This bird is the smallest subspecies of turkey, can only be found on the Florida peninsula, and is particularly challenging to hunt. Despite their smaller size, the Osceola subspecies typically has longer spurs and beards than its counterparts.

Similar in nature to the Eastern turkey, the Osceola subspecies is darker and its feathers show more iridescent green and red colors, which is ideal for the flat pine woods, oak and palmetto hammocks and swamp habitats of Florida.

About Us

Welcome to the scenic northeast shores of Lake George.  We are located  in a peaceful area with several hundreds of acres to hunt.

Our specialty is Osceola Turkey Hunting Expeditions.  For combination or multi-day hunts please call for more details.

Greg, our lead guide, has  over 10 years of professional turkey hunting experience and a lifetime of experience growing up on Lake George!  If you are looking for a hunting experience with down home comfort and southern hospitality then look no further.

Hunting Season

If you are looking to bag a “Swamp Gobbler”, the spring hunting season runs from March 17th to April 22nd. For turkey hunters under the age of 16, the youth spring season runs from March 10th to the 11th allowing them the first chance at that trophy bird. Hunters may take bearded turkey or gobblers only and the daily bag limit is one. A second bird per hunt may be purchased, depending on availability, but prior arrangements must be made. The season’s possession limit of turkey is two.

Turkey Registry

Youth hunters under the age of 16 can register for the ‘First Gobbler Certificate’.  Any turkey with a beard longer than 11 inches and spurs longer than 1.25 inches can be registered for an ‘Outstanding Gobbler Certificate’.

Hunting Permits

A Florida hunting license is required for all hunts:

  • Residents (12 months): $17.00
  • Non-residents (10 days): $46.50
  • Non-residents (12 months): $151.50

Additionally, you will need to purchase a turkey permit:

  • Residents: $10.00
  • Non-residents: $125.00

You will have to purchase these permits before the hunt. Without these we cannot take you hunting!


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